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Macho Man The Herald Sun has the latest news from Sydney Melbourne Victoria Australia and the world. Commercial advert for Free St. John ambulance Fist Aid Kit. He might need it...
Channels Comedy Business
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What else can go wrong on the road... Giant California earthquake San Andreas fault
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This silly and ultimately shocking little clip shows Chinese
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Man who eats wrong foods soon has flatulence that is beyond belief... Advert for American Beer. Budweiser from Anheuser-Busch is an American-style lager.
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Bud Luge goes terribly wrong in this commercial Advert for an American beer.
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Do not iron your clothes with your cell phone next to you. Comedic sketch probably from India or Arab country.
Channels Comedy Medical Tech
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Manhole Cover Explosion Knocks Man To The Ground. Xiangtan China. Things went horribly wrong when a father of 2 young children lit a firecracker and dropped it down inside a manhole cover. CCTV - China Central Television. Chinese Man krijgt oerknal mangat Cover explosie stoten Man op de grond. Xiangtan China. Dingen ging vreselijk mis toen een vader van 2 kinderen een firecracker verlicht en binnen een putdeksel daalde. Chinesischer Mann ruft Urknall Manhole Cover Explosion klopft Man auf den Boden. Xiangtan China. Dinge ging schrecklich schief- als Vater von 2 kleinen Kindern ein Kracher beleuchtet und sank innerhalb einer Kanaldeckel. Chinese Man obtient Big- Bang Manhole couverture Explosion frappe homme au sol. Xiangtan Chine. Choses ont horriblement mal tournes quand un pere de 2 jeunes enfants allume un petard et il est tombe vers le bas a l-interieur d-une plaque d-egout. Uomo cinese ottiene Big Bang Manhole Cover esplosione urti uomo a terra. Xiangtan Cina. Le cose sono andato terribilmente male quando un padre di 2 bambini piccoli acceso un petardo e sceso all-interno di un tombino. Homem chines Obtem Big Bang tampa de bueiro explosao homem bate no chao. Xiangtan China. As coisas ficaram terrivelmente erradas quando um pai de 2 filhos jovens acendeu um fogo de artificio e ele caiu dentro de uma tampa de bueiro. Gracas a Microsoft Bing Translator.
Channels Cars Comedy News
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Ouch is the response after attempting escalator lift stunt that goes wrong.
Channels Comedy Medical Tech
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There is usually no traffic on this ski skateboard training spot except... From
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Ottenga pronto per lo scontro a fuoco in questa pubblicita commerciale tedesca per la biancheria intima. Werden Sie zur SchieBerei in dieser deutschen Handelsreklameanzeige fur Unterwasche fertig. Soyez pret pour le combat d-armes a feu en cette publicite commerciale allemande pour des sous-vetements. Consiga listo para el tiroteo en este anuncio comercial aleman para la ropa interior. Grazie a Yahoo BabelFish per la traduzione.
Channels Comedy Crime
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