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Tires ablazing -- smoke billowing -- 64 Chevrolet demonstrates incredible horsepower HP muscle. Classic Car Hot rod demonstration.
Array Chevy  Chevrolet  64  Classic  Car 
Channels Sports  Cars  Tech 
Added: 2383 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Amazing organ playing... Twins
Array Music  Classic  Israel  Fugue  Piano 
Channels Sports  Dancers 
Added: 3574 days ago by cesara
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World class Korean archer reminiscent of Olympians archers demonstrates great skill to a background of American disco. Slow motion shot perhaps using small Japanese video camera that shoots 2000 frames per second high-resolution.
Added: 4181 days ago by caesarg
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Het jonge Chinese wonder van de meisjespiano is ook gehandicapt. Le jeune prodige chinois de piano de fille est egalement desactive. Junges chinesisches Mädchenklavierwunder wird auch gesperrt. La giovane ragazza cinese il prodigy del piano che e inoltre ha reso invalida. A menina chinesa nova o prodigy do piano que e igualmente incapacitou. Traduzido por Yahoo BabelFish. El prodigy chino joven del piano de la muchacha tambien se inhabilita. Traducido por Yahoo BabelFish. Young Chinese girl piano prodigy is also disabled.
Channels News  Dancers  Medical 
Added: 2810 days ago by cesara
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China-s Most Wanted Man Shot Dead by Police according to International Business Times IBTimes. Chinese Class A Serial Killer Murderer. 50K Brit pound award. Zhou Kehua. Sichuan province. Szechuan
Channels News  Travel/Vacation  Crime 
Added: 1452 days ago by caesarg
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German gag stunt. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation stunt. Wind up in first aid class. Deutsch Germania with Italian subtitles. DLRG.
Array Comedy  CPR  Deutsch  Aleman 
Channels Sports  Comedy  Medical 
Added: 3951 days ago by caesarh
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Next time you try a special dance trick do not start on a hardwood floor. Trois hommes dans la pratique en matiere de classe de danse devient dangereux. La clase de danza consigue peligrosa. Il codice categoria di ballo ottiene pericoloso. Tanzkategorie erhalt gefahrlich.
Array Comedy  Tragedy  Step  Clases  Baile    Danse    Tanz    Ballo    Baile 
Channels Sports  Comedy  Medical 
Added: 3398 days ago by cesara
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Spectacol grandios la palatul feroviarilor din Republica Moldova unde Eugen Ungureanu a avut o dubla calitate aceea de artist interpret dar si de prezentator impreuna cu DJ Lili O atmosfera incredibila de zile mari asa cum subliniau toate ziarele a doua zi
Channels News  Other 
Added: 3687 days ago by electrostar
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Flight of the Bumblebee a cappella by Cincy Choir -- an NBC talent clip. Fol du Bourdon a cappella. Flug der Hummel ein cappella. Volo del Bombo un cappella. Vuelo del Abejorro un cappella. Vlucht van de hommel een cappella. Voo do Zangao um cappella. Flyg av Humlan en cappella. According to Wikipedia Flight of the Bumble Bee is an orchestral interlude written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera -The Tale of Tsar Saltan- composed in 1899 or 1900. America-s Got Talent from NBC - National Broadcasting Company.
Array Classic  Music  Cincinatti  Ohio 
Channels Comedy  Dancers  Other 
Added: 3837 days ago by caesarf
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Milton Friedman was one of the world-s foremost economists. He was originally a believer in government intervention in economics but then believed that a hands-off policy is best. According to Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia Friedman-s political philosophy -- considered classically liberal and libertarian -- stressed the advantages of the marketplace and the disadvantages of government intervention and regulation. From Chicago School of Economics. A two and a half minute clip on the Phil Donahue show probably from the 1970s. A very cogent discussion by a very engaging Milton Freedman.
Channels Politics  News  Business 
Added: 3764 days ago by caesarn
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