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Unique video reveals highest form of dedication by beautiful shapely models... Sauf les tigres chinois. -The Last South China Tiger- to benefit Excepto tigres chinos o chineses. AuBer chinesischen Tigern. Salvo le tigri cinesi. Merci BabelFish.
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unique putting course and trick shots
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Talking to the ocean mammals using orchestra concert instruments. Commercial advert for whalesong. All cetaceans including whales and dolphins are descendants of land-living mammals the Artiodactyl order containing the hippopotamus as an even-toed ungulate relative. Whales are closest living relatives of hippos evolving from common ancestor around 54 million years ago from Wikipedia. Iniciando una conversacion. -When it comes to conversation anything is possible.- Sydney Australia. SingTel Optus Pty Limited. Singapore Telecommunications.
Array Cetacia
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Australian visitor receives introduction to Italian police or peace officer-s most unique car... Lamborghini was donated to Italy-s polizia for use on autobahn equivalent
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Cellphone has unique ringtone like flatulence. El telefono movil tiene ringtone unico como flatulencia. Mobiltelefon hat einzigartiges ringtone wie Blahung. Le portable a le ringtone unique comme la flatulence. Danka BabelFish.
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Brazilian video of -carro- in Portugese. Unique Japanese wild compact automovil easily parks itself while it talks to driver and opens door on command. From BBC Brasil. O automovel japones estaciona-se e fala-se.
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Sheep ranchers in Australia became worried over the possible long-term effects of cracking shale with explosives or fracking for gas in the Aussie State of Victoria. They devised a unique means of protesting -- asking them to ban fracking for gas -- by arranging thousands of sheep to spell out their message to Ban Gas...
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What will those American rural folks think up next for a unique kind of very low tech ride is illustrated in this surprisingly interesting video...
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This windup sketch is a pseudo infomercial advert commercial for a very unique item with all sorts of fun humour being poked at the great American golf professional... Supposedly hosted by Billy Dee Williams or lookalike.
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Innovative Israeli artist uses unique medium to generate incredible art. Actually see artist in this painting -- in this third painting. You-ve got a friend. Sand Artist Ilana Yahav.
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