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Trying to understand how a woman is able to be who she is -- including being uncomfortable at times -- and yet not have a stereotypical -bit face- when honestly not trying to look accepting and loving all the time. Woman independent.
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Hillary Clinton supposedly had chemo-therapy just prior to her debate with the other presidential candidate Donald Trump
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Top YouTube selection with 80 million views of award-winning Celtic singer. Irish singer recorded this in 2014. -God must need another angel. Jealous of the angel around the throne tonight- In memoriam.
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Trump seems not-so-presidential as he refuses to take a news organization question supposedly because they generate -fake news-...
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Saving a humpback whale that was entangled in fishing gear in waters off Chile. After intensive diving and cutting web of fishing nets. Afterwards the whale spent an hour thanking the Chilean family and showing them that she was all free. From -the dodo-.
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Sheep ranchers in Australia became worried over the possible long-term effects of cracking shale with explosives or fracking for gas in the Aussie State of Victoria. They devised a unique means of protesting -- asking them to ban fracking for gas -- by arranging thousands of sheep to spell out their message to Ban Gas...
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Once Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet we were disappointed. But it was wondered if there is a giant planet 9 out there beyond Pluto. Now Caltech professor Mike Brown and assistant professor Konstanin Batygin have been working together to investigate if there is a ninth planet or Planet X in January 2016. California Institute of Technology.
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Sun has been around for 5 billion years and constitutes over 99 percent of the solar system. NASA used UV light ultraviolet light to record new images of the sun in 4K. Stunning views of stellar chaos. Solar System is speeding at 66000 miles per hour MPH or over 100000 kilometers per hour KPM. But it is interesting that lightening bolts on earth are hotter than the surface of the sun.
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The Milky Way galaxy that we call home is seen using new telescope that uses submiilimeter electromagnetic radio radiation to see Milky Way -star nursery- where new stars are being born in this most detailed image of galaxy. As report by ESO APEX ATALAGAL through CNN News.
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Apollo 10 recorded strange sounds heard on the dark side of moon that some might call -Space Music-. Source of noise is unknown. From CNN News NASA Science Channel.
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